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  • Lisu Mei

    Lisu Mei

    Poetry for the heart and soul to live the sun and the fun, and survive the dark and the cold

  • Gina Kimmel

    Gina Kimmel

    Noticer of all things beautiful in the ordinary and the mundane.

  • Dana Leigh Lyons

    Dana Leigh Lyons

    Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Writer, Dean, Medium Top Writer in LGBTQ. Reach me at: hello@danaleighlyons.com https://www.danaleighlyons.com/

  • Jenny Starr✨

    Jenny Starr✨

    A transgender woman (she/they) learning her way in this beautiful life…queer, curious, thoughtful. Top writer in LGBTQ and Poetry.

  • Carl Gerber

    Carl Gerber

    Welcome to a Handbook for Planet Earth — Where I explore actionable hacks to integrate personal growth and spirituality into daily life — #mindfulness

  • Anthony V. Lombardo

    Anthony V. Lombardo

    Anthony V. Lombardo is a writer and online creator. He creates online content to expand people’s consciousness. https://anthonyvlombardo.com/

  • Jo Frances Matthews

    Jo Frances Matthews

    Writer of stories about life. Poetry lover & Writer. Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychologist. Reiki Master Teacher. Free my soul to evolve…Intuitive gift.

  • Jelena Kollmann

    Jelena Kollmann

    Former Academic Researcher | 4x Top Writer | Entrepreneur | I write about overcoming fear and becoming your best self. 💫

  • Borut


    The more labels I think of, the dumber and prone to groupthink I feel. To sum up what I like to do, I’d say I like to ‘play chess’ with ideas and problems.

  • Diana Meresc

    Diana Meresc

    I like writing and drinking coffee. Buy me a coffee ☕ : https://ko-fi.com/dianameresc | Support me : https://medium.com/@dianameresc/membership (affiliate link)

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