Sitting quietly in sacred space or enjoying the natural sounds of surroundings, subtleties ever-present bring forth messages or mirrored thought in our reality. Is it a sign? A mirrored reflection of what is happening in our field of consciousness? Or is it a messenger requesting our attention?

If we are busy with our days, giving attention to everyone and everything else, is it possible to have awareness of the similarities, parallels of Conscious, subconscious and collective conscious at play?

We can. Being present in this moment, and the next, and the next, and so on. From the time we arise to new day sipping morning coffee, listening to New Song of Universe, to daily Steps within the Canvas and fully integrated from beginning to end.

What we have learned up to this moment in time to what comes next, intertwining realities as morphed thought process changes yet again. Sitting in sacred circle, listening to cries of the people, reflecting on personal past, present and future, a messenger scurries across the center of it all. Coincidence or purposeful messenger presenting to you?

Once merely a coincidence.

Twice maybe the same.

Third time in least of all places, same messenger appears…maybe it is time to pay attention? Little chippie carries message, sacred tune, from places unseen. Can message be heard? Is sight manifesting visible from unknown?

Pause speaks again in our present reality, inviting our Present Self in attendance. Do we heed the vibratory song carrying Familiars Tune? Stillness, awareness, observatory thought messengers present at hand.

*Smiling* These are my thoughts, carried through. I Am Present, I Am Here.

~Ani Po

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Transmuting thought through various realities.

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