I have heard of many switching platforms in search of compensation, that is fine, not for me. I am here to learn and grow, share messages from beyond, and remain true to All there Is. Infinite gratitude for this space we call home.

I have been quiet, in terms of writing, but I assure you never quiet. In the middle of a remodeling project and it has demanded special attention...I always enjoy the remodels in the physical plain, as they always remind me of the poetic and metaphorical mirror image of my subconscious travels.

I have been writing for 11 years now and while it would be nice to receive compensation, the exchange received far outweighs the monetary.

Looking back at when I first started, as I have witnessed many writers go through similar transitions, and where I am in my writing...far different space. Hmmm....looks like a post has developed here?!

Peace be.

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