Digging deeply into our soul, finding a resurrection of Self

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Life can be airy-fairy, or as real as we make it out to be. What does that mean? Sitting, staring at the puzzle pieces of life before me, gathering everything that has ever happened.

I have been looking at phases — or chapters of life, seeing many places I have…

Staying true to self-knowing and forgetting the rest

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Click, Click, Click
goes the beating beats
sounds of metal assaulting the wood
thoughts traveling from here to exoplanets
bantering of minds, clashing extremes
yes, I digress — not for any other reason to raise
awareness to other possibilities — broadening
the spectrum of thought in self.

Click, Click, Click…

Depravity of one’s true nature

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Divided fowl’s appendage further segregated sun
hearts splitting in two — body and carnage remain

Source essence forgotten — reaching distance bemoaned
wings of hope fly directional opposition

Wrapping promise across planetary circles
body of greed remains seeking more power that is

Across the Behring Straight or by Eastern Sea

Igniting the flame of heart-filled knowing, returning to its natural ways

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Destruction had fallen upon ancient times once filled with paradisiacal feels — mimicked god-like transference to peoples of power and servitude alike — all harmonious in daily events. …

Way finders spoken Truths

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Sitting quietly in our daily space of whatever and what-maybes, seeing a finite reality created by the daily grind. So consumed by this and that, burying us in fear and anger — further dividing in judgmental thoughts — hatred for neighboring townships or persons.

Thinking our township stops abruptly at…

Shapeshifting self-receptive existence

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We spin like a top, wildly free out of control laughing man burning frontier.

Devil-may-care notwithstanding any voices outside our self-inflicting cosmic story.

Walking through jungles break stepping ten thousand miles to nowhere in particular, waiting for none other than self-made millionaire within understandings of soul contracts and purpose-driven life.

The moon begins to wobble

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Gazing upon a single star,
honing sight to what may be
neither seeking nor complacent
merely knowing the infinite.

Into the unknown.

giving life to another galaxy.

What was
is no more.
What will be
a single breath.

Looking deeply into a single star
plucking — creating…

Divine Dichotomy of Self

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Sustaining the body
feeding Spirit
losing the mind
creating world anew.

Seek answers
creating yet again
no more answers
o resolution.

Just Be.

Their reality
colliding with our own
meet and greet
within Canvas of Life.

The Canvas
as we see fit.

Maintaining balance of self
balance — of…

That Which I Believe to be true

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I am which you say
I am which I believe
And all realities in between
I am as it is

The shadow
and light
Pure love
and sorrow
and all realities in between
I am as it is

For the path before
choosing — as I am to be
what I…

Creative Prompt

Fanning flames of spoken truths as your kerosene

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From the day-to-day of universal ebbs and flows, earthly agendas shadowed by worldly cries of needed spent personal time and energies, continuous adjusting of the sails as a skilled sailor catching perfect gusts of changing winds. …

Joseph Lieungh

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