Dependent on who you ask

Image taken in Peru by author

Caught in the middle of life’s ebb’s and flow, not of the natural sort but human-made right versus left mentality.

Those holding balance at the tipping point watched with judging eyes; accusations fly as if they are hiding behind ignorance of life events.

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite the opposite, for a higher awareness of good mad perceptual evil exists to these. Too busy carrying water and chopping wood to keep the others quenched and warm in a peaceful embrace.

Oh, how they continue throwing rotten tomatoes whilst they are the ones ignoring opposition and the balance of…

Vice or special treat

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Ungrounded, airy-fairy at the least crystals screaming at me, specificity of features remaining unknown meditation turning tricks, inner call-boy burning fits would much rather sip on the nectar of agave’s bosom neatly pouring three fingers as our measuring stick bowing to the spirits, entering trance-like fixation onto voided space, never witnessed, called upon undiscovered territorial beast puffing at sight. Fusing with and collaborating amidst mapacho from deep in the heart of the jungle, hand-picked blessed by Great Mother, kissed by lineages dating back before time; smokey Joe giving the nod, quietly sitting under the maple tree deeper into the cosmic…

Remaining resolute, taking a warrior’s stance in life

Photo by Xuan Nguyen on Unsplash

Into the bowel of hell’s entryway, thickened tar lingering in airs not-so-cooling winds, cramping, buckling over at day’s opening song. Tension standing off in corner’s edge, badgered claws ready for piercing thews.

Differing from a clouded haze, once before, eyes glossing over from previous encounters with vampires and demons sucking every last drop of wine and energetic fluids heeding life’s answering mysterious skirmish bidding of front-line look to future’s hold. Deep breath, fuck it, we are commanding peace and collaboration, entering lion’s den with no aid from Daniel, the lion tamer.

Lacking protection from smacking whips or chairs taunting lioness’…

Allowing creatives free-flowing spirit go

Photo by Luiz Guimaraes on Unsplash

Take up the mighty pen, dear one; I am here
to push aside, skeptical voices filling head
unbound falsifying documents leading masses,
angels and demons creating storybook fashion
centuries told, held tightly within the fables
mind games fey trickery as if setting out
in search of golden fleece believed to be rammed down
another’s throat, landing amidst stars becoming Aries,
doubting Thomas returning home ventromedial
prefrontal cortex or wherever the shit-storm exists,
quite possibly most taxing general in mind,
Captain incredulous failed attempts at taking charge.

Battlefield of the Mind skeptic versus true believers ancient tongue spoken thus, still not…

Cosmic truths given birth

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

Long-forgotten ways of knowing truth
ancient teachings are sung by the feathered
four-legged and two-spirited alike,
watery whistling tunes whispering souls
of a darkened abyss deep beneath the sea.
Humbled hearts receiving gifts freely-shared
for the people of once before and many more,
healing stroke has given breath ancestral touch
not within the light or dark, voided or filled.
From the beginning before the beginning
to the very end of conscious sight unseen
alone, afraid, hopeless, together, brave, auspicious. …

Dewdrops and promise of morning’s kiss

Photo by Hansjörg Keller on Unsplash

Frozen in time, uncertainties binding hold like peeling paint notwithstanding acrylic and oils troublesome bond unpleasant sounds of self-doubt overwhelming tune of Thomas whispering antagonistic projecting words; Thor’s hammer pinning us to grounds of misery. Bursting bubbles, champagne cause for celebration trapped in a dark room with no door windows closer to the outside possibility of knowing real or untrue; hesitation moving forward baby steps becoming giant leaps for self and collective sea of loving thought. Kicked to the curb, gentle parts speed-bag-like effecting, transferring psychosomatic response; giving thanks for lessons on daffodils and ground-breaking painful and once dormant truth…

Lessons taught by the mourning dove

Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

Sitting pondering morning sun
glistening squiggles of unborn souls
floating and dancing, waiting for physical
presence calling forth placed into a womb.
Millions, if not more, combining in a great dance
sharing in sacred tune not yet heard
human to human, horizontal waltzes writing the score.
Whilst puzzle pieces floating about,
waiting to give meaning to the divine dichotomy
unwritten spellbound transfixed on a pair of mourning doves.
One step left, other sliding away
dance continuing as written for centuries
masculine moving to a gentle nudge causing a shift within the feminine. …

Heart’s natural calling

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

Oh, to the clouds whispering and serenading my every way
blanketed sun, flash memories of beaches and prairie excursions
with untethered lines connecting hearts ever-expanding
forever pulsing to love’s natural rhythm’s beat.
I give you a wish, freely, granting the thousands
as Great Mystery has promised answered truths
hands placed upon entryways, holding open
safe passages into unknown cavernous exploration.

Is this it?

Yes, If this is where you want to be.

Can I go further?

Of course you can.

How far can I go?

Time infinity and space exploratory self-discovering
truths further in the unexplained.

Oh, that is where…

Wander in wonder little black sheep

Photo by Alina Fedorchenko on Unsplash

Let me start by stating not everyone follows the day-to-day dogmatic learned behaviors, following blindly into concrete, pressed-in-stone ways of thinking.

Belief in absolute does not compute for these visionary dreamers with altered realities as potential outcomes, the end resulting fact not backed by scientific discovery-yet!

I applaud you, star-gazers, seeing the unseen not yet discovered and often unable to be proven by the hard-pressed fact-checkers unable to see beyond their noses-and that is ok too.

Stay the course, in and out of physical and spiritual realms of rumination, adapting, adopting, max-extreme understanding there’s always more than meets the eye.

a single thread binding all

Photo by Jennifer Griffin on Unsplash

The seeker sets out vicariously finding truth
whilst along this broken path discovering self-ascetic
longest journey binding single-threaded improves
losing oneself heart-thread, mind-blowing aphetic.

Polymorphic greater-whole given many names
simple revelations by microscope and beliefs
scientific Eureka’s found hidden within the brains
adhering to spiritual knowledge, heart-based proceed.

The crazy ones, misfits, out-of-the-box thinkers
found in the absence of witting, acceptance of unknowing
self-acknowledgment of mind-blinding hinders
innerstanding becoming deeply centered foreboding.

Know Thyself written on the doorway in Delphi
Heal Thyself collective we myself I.

~Ani Po

“The most beautiful and profound emotion we…

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