Know Thyself Heal Thyself

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Reading another, listening to messages from the collective triggered deeper thought of self-reflection and the steps leading to this point in time. Heavy as the sounds, tremors and ground-breaking snaps as our steps veer off onto trails with fewer visitors than typical touristy traps.

Turning back the clocks, the hourglass…

Prompt: What’s in your Veins?

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It began with imaginary worlds created by something unseen, squelched by father’s inability — lacking observation. Hearing echoes, even today, those unwilling to accept realities hidden behind clouded veils. Lost forever, too far gone the extreme — till the spirit of wind calls one’s name one day.

Forward moving, thickened…

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Your truth is not my truth
Their truth is not the others
Ever-changing truths
Switch-works of reality
Spoken and felt
No longer true
Digging deeply into caverns of the soul
Flying higher than the atmosphere
Finding new truths
As they are made known
Ever-changing truths
New realities born unto thee
Like a chameleon
Changing colors
Blending in with surroundings
Standing out
Clarity revealed
Your truth is not…

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Daily — witnessing myriad instances, either challenging thoughts, inspiring us to interact, or changing our perspective. In daytime — caught projecting and rarely taking time to think of an instance.

By night — during our dreamworld, analyzing the heck out of our dreams in search for meaning. It is said…

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I see you out there in the forest
wandering, hopeful, releasing what was
I see you struggling in the streets
afraid, lashing out at a passerby
I see you sitting alone
in a crowded room
I see you shining brightly
day in day out brightening darkened way
I see you transcending, transmuting
what was, no longer serving this moment

Imagination is the tool to shift your reality: prompt

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There is a stirring of uneasy feelings or sensory overload of energetic beings presenting glimpses into an idea taking form. Seed planting decades ago — watered and cultivated through the darkest of moments, waiting for the right time to give birth to a new way of living.

The time is…

Poetic prose fusing of prompts

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A thousand journey steps — leading to this moment in time — surrounded by vertices of voices echoing pain and suffering — handed down from generation to generation — historical fact or fiction left for interpretation of the self-realized.

Like the breath of decay lurking the backside of a barn…

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